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Nieuwsbrief Mercy Home

Posted by on 02/12/2013

Mercy Ministry Happy Children’s Home – November 2013

Greetings families and friends of Mercy Home!

It has been a while since we sent you news about your second home in Ethiopia! I will try to update you what has been going on with the home and the children for the past few months.

As you all remember mid-September is Ethiopian new year, so we were working hard in preparing the children’s uniforms, clothes, school fees and bags filled with school resources  before the new school year
starts, as always with your contribution and kind hearts we have managed to do so!  Before the starting date of the new school year we managed to buy all resources and clothing for 92 children so they could continue their education and be a productive citizen. We call all of our children to congratulate them and see them off to the new school year with full gear; we had the following activities when that celebration happened.

We call all children to the compound of mercy home to spend time with their fellow students, friends  and families, we had a speech presented by the representative from the ASKO sub city women and children office regarding what is expected from the children and their families to make them a better and productive citizen and also the rolls of families and guardians in leading the children to a better future.

Then followed by presenting surprising gifts to children who has the highest score 1st up to 3rd in the last school year.  The children who had the top score were given  award by the Gusts and staffs of Mercy
home. Discussion with families and the children in what we are expecting from them and what they should expect from mercy home as well were also the big points which were discussed on that day,
followed by a traditional feast with homemade bread soft drinks and music, the children and families continued to celebrate the great achievements of their children and the help that Mercy home have been
giving to improve the lives of the children and the families.

The final ceremony was experience sharing among children so that other children could be motivated and give more attention to their education. Taking pictures of all the children, families and the
staffs, was the closing event for the day.

The new children
As you all know September and October is a big time for mercy home and the staffs because it is a time to select new children who will be joining the program.  With the help of women and children affair
bureau we were on the process of selecting and targeting families who are suffering with poverty and who are unable to send their children to school, we under go in selection and recruiting of new group of
children who will be joining the program for 2013/2014. This year we got profiles of 45 families and we try to see which families and child need an intervention in helping the children to join the program for a
year and be part of the mercy home family. As always it was so hard and sad that we could only accept 15 children per a year so we have chosen 15 children to spend the coming year with us and be part of the

MercyHome201311 (13)

Feeding program.
As you all remember we started a lunch program for children who are not getting enough nutrition and attention from their families due to socio economic problems. Mercy Home provides a nutritional meal for theses 51 children for 5 days a week. After we implement this program last year the feedback we got from the teachers and the children are indescribable. It is with great pleasure and gratitude we inform you all that with the help of GVN foundation and a generous donation we have the grant to continue the lunch program.

We give the gratitude for God who plays a big role in the existence of mercy home and giving us the opportunity to work with you and our partner GVN so that we could make a difference in the lives of these amazing children.

It is always a pleasure and comforting to knowing that we have all of you as part of the mercy home family in providing help to the children and their families.
All of this are possible because of the Joint effort of you, GVN and MMHCHA, so on behalf of the children and all the staffs of MMHCHA we thank you.

Best regards
Eyob Mamo

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